Where can I park on the Grand Malecon?

The Gran Malecón has 1 parking lot located on 78th Street.

How to get to the Grand Malecon?

What activities can I do on the Grand Malecon?

Does the parking lot has a fee?

For each vehicle, the parking lot has a cost of 5 thousand pesos, this contributes to the maintenance of the Gran Malecon and the Caimán del Río.

How can I have a commercial point on the Gran Malecón?

Send an email to, with detailed business information (Brochure, Product Catalog). If there are commercial points available, we will contact you.

How can I use a space for an event on the Gran Malecón and what cost does it has?

Can I carry out organized groups to visit the Gran Malecón?

The Gran Malecón is a tourist attraction open to national and international tourists. When organizing group visits, we make the following recommendations:

A clean Malecón is a clean river! It is i mportant to avoid flying or materials such as plastic, icopor and balloons. Use the cans and the planecón for PET recycling bottles.

If you have a snack or a gastronomic sample for the group, it should be purchased at the commercial points of the Gran Mal econ or the Caiman del Rio. The ordering directory can be requested a

How can I have a trip on the Magdalena river?

What kind of food can I find on the Gran Malecon?

What is the schedule of the Gran Malecón?

The Gran Malecón is open for visitors from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

Is there an exclusive space for pets on the Gran Malecón?

How can I use a space for an event in Caimán del Rio?

What kind of food could you find in the Caimán del Rio?

What service hours does Caimán del Rio has?

Monday to Thursday, Sundays and Holidays:
10:00 AM at 10:00 PM
Fridays and Saturdays:
10:00 AM at 1:00 AM