Manglares del Rio Inauguration

Manglares del Rio Inauguration

The Gran Malecon has joined to the “Biodiverciudad/ Biophilic cities” strategy with a new gastronomic proposal call Manglares del Rio.

The most visited place in Colombia has reopen after 5 months being closed to the public, reinforcing a self-care culture and nature reconnection. More than 200 thousand visitors have found this place in excellent conditions from Puerta de Oro sector to recreative sports sector, but also a new zone showing Barranquilla as the first “Biodiverciudad” in Colombia, denominated by the national government.

“Manglares del Rio” is an open gastronomic zone on which 8 different entrepreneurships get together to offer a unique experience with environmental conscience and a sense based on biophilic cities. This concept, is inspired in mangrove swamp ecosystem, showing the importance on how each organism in this environment coexist and that’s the way Barranquilla’s mayor would like to integrate its secretaries focus to build a “Biodiverciudad” agenda that contributes an initiative from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Each gastronomic entrepreneurship represents a type of mangrove swamp showing that they have their own story to tell.

On Friday September 11 “Manglares del Rio” launch was official with the presence of Barranquilla´s mayor Jamie Pumarejo, first lady Silvana Puello leading the program “Recicla por Baq” with Barranquilla Verde, and economic development secretariat. They visited each commerce offering a symbolic mangrove swamp and announcing implementation of renewable energy in this area.

Culture, Heritage and Tourism secretariat participate made part of this lunch as well. Urban artist Omar Alonso, from EDA organization has recreated the mangrove swamp ecosystem in the bathroom area.

“Based on national park corporation investigation about flora and fauna in the mangrove swamp ecosystem we tried to represents different types of mangrove swamp in this intervention. This art wants to give consciousness to all our visitors so that they can value the importance of this ecosystem that makes part of the Magdalena River which is a vital artery for Barranquilla´s economy.” Said Maria Teresa Fernandez, the secretariat of Culture, Heritage and Tourism.

“Mangroves Swamp are important to our planet since they are natural solution against climate change, they are capable of absorbing 10 times more the greenhouse gases, than common forest nature. In our program “Siembra” we want to protect this specie, that’s why this area will help Barranquilla´s people to create consciousness that they are important to our life.” Katia Navarro, Siembra Barranquilla manager.

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