Opening of the first gastronomic market in Barranquilla "Caiman del Rio"

On October 23 of 2019, Barranquilla was witness on how the Caiman arrived and stayed at Magdalena shore. Local food, as rice, fried food, roast food, Arabic food, sea feed, poke and different healthy options, as well as dessert and liquor were put together under the same ceiling paying tribute to international cuisine and highlight the native flavors of the city in 25 different kitchens in a 2,200 m2 space.

Visiting Caiman del Rio experience brings with it 3 categories inspired by the alligator’s instincts as a specie to have the ideal prey. “Better in the evening”, when the alligator waits for the best moment to get his prey at the end of the day, represents the possibility to enjoy the night in a space with pairings. “Always in the river shore”, a zone where most of species that the alligator eats are located, in the market means high quality and a variety offer of main food. “With sweet wait” is an alligator habit to recognize that tastiest meal comes at the right moment, which means enjoying pause with the best coffee and dessert at the end of the day.

The manager of the gastronomic market Alvaro Boom Malkun, said that the Caiman del Rio intention was to lump together on the same building “The fact, that in Barranquilla you can find the best Chinese food, Italian food, the best hotdog, among other typical food” as a “re born of immigrant cuisine”.

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