The “Gran Malecón” has turn over to a river of traditions. This is what you should know

The “Gran Malecón” has turn over to a river of traditions. This is what you should know

Barranquilla´s season known as a cultural and representative festivities season has started: The carnival of Barranquilla!

This year many things has change as all massive events and big parades are restricted. The carnival traditional dances arrived through the Magdalena river and make presence in the “Gran Malecón”.

We invite you to come and make tribute to this traditional fest during February. This is what you would find in the “Gran Malecón”!

An exhibition of big figures located in the gastronomic sector. Remember! Smile with your eyes and avoid touching the figures.

The “Caimán del Río” is inviting you to participate in the contest: DRESS THE CAIMÁN with “Triple A”. Information: @caimandelrio

The boat “La Mita” will take you to enjoy the river on the weekends. Reservations: 3117222122/315 722 212 Adults fee: $ 60,000 Childs under 10 fee: $ 30,000

At Manglares del Rio zone all traditional dances would have a tribute with an interactive gallery.

¿Would you like to participate?

For the following dances print and bring a photo (28 cm x 28 cm):

  • Danza del Congo
  • Diablo Arlequín
  • Micos y Micas
  • Coyongos
  • Farotas
  • Paloteo
  • Son de Negro
  • Indio Chimila

Let’s show a self-care example and follow all recommendations during your visit.

  1. The “Gran Malecon´s” schedule would be from Monday to Thursdays, Sundays and holidays, from 5 AM to 10 PM.  Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays from 5 AM to 11 PM.
  2. Check our social media @granmacelonbaq to know about the capacity status and avoid a long waiting time at the control access.
  3. Control access temperature check is obligatory
  4. Is obligatory to use the mask any time. Unless you are eating or drinking the mask is not an obligation.
  5. Take your distance
  6. If you are going to the “Caimán del Río”, make you reservation on (
  7. Avoid having contact with the surfaces
  8. Bring your own self-care kit
  9. Wash your hand constantly

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