The Gran Malecón’s self-care culture during the last season of the year

The Gran Malecón's self-care culture during the last season of the year

Since Christmas lights were turn on, on December first through a live transmission, Barranquilla´s mayoralty invited people to stay in family and be safe during this season of the year.

The Gran Malecón, as one of the locations with Christmas illumination in Barranquilla, was outstanding for its visitor’s behavior and it positive results with the biosecurity measures. During December 2020 we received around 500 thousand visitors, that represents 23% of the visitors from 2019, as a result of a hard job on capacity control, physical distancing and compliance with all Biosafety protocols.

With the support of Transit Secretariat, Urban control and public space Secretariat, Security and City convivence office, District Police and COVID patrol, the Gran Malecon´s operations team has made an efficient manage facing visitor’s circulation mostly during the time frame of 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on weekends.

“Smile with your eyes” and “Take your distance and take care of your family” were some of the messages that visitors received during their visit, as well as signaling, guides and social media to provide information constantly about Gran Malecon limit capacity and good behavior manners

Coordination and logistics have generated a positive overview and safe experience in each space of the Gran Malecón, however, visitors have taken an important role to continue having Barranquilla´s population enjoying our locations by the river. Since the reopening on August 20, we have received 1,539,168 visits specially for activities as individual exercise, skaters, cycling as well as commerce consumption, helping the economic reactivation. On December the Caiman del Río had 1,400,000 million on sales.

The invitation for Barranquilla´s people and tourists is to continue having a proper behavior on every public location as the Gran Malecón, where they can enjoy nature and the environment.

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