BBQ area

Area of eight outdoor tables for 32 people seated.

Use of BBQ grill  for four hours.


Tuesday to Sunday.
10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Every four hours)
You must present yourself 15 minutes prior to your assigned hour and receive the BBQ grill use instruction.


  • Please remember that the use of the BBQ zone is tota lly free and any form of reservations (commercial or personal) and branding are prohibited.
  • The space does not have come with water supply or energy source.
  • Do not use speakers or sound systems at a high volume.
  • The use of microphones, consoles or live music is not allowed.
  • Glass containers are not allowed.
  • The BBQ zone must always maintain its clean and functional conditions. Our staff will verify the conditions of each zone and will inform the administration any development.
  • Please maint ain the grills and the used spaces in clean conditions free of organic and non – organic residues. It is mandatory to bring your own garbage bags.
  • Decorations and any form of intervention or drilling of the space are prohibited.
  • The use of any psychoac tive substances is not allowed.

Reservations here


  • Do not use balloons or any decorative material that could end up in the river.
  • This a space free of plastic, polystyrene foam or any disposable materials.
  • Only biodegradable dishes, cups, utensils or any other kitchenware (not glass) are allowed.
  • Make sure to use mineral coal.
  • Our staff will verify each material and tools before using the space. You could purchase themin the box office.
  • Please do not feed any animals or wildlife in the space.