Clams Fishers History

“It began as a need. When I arrived to Palermo there was nothing to do. I asked to my father in law how to earn money and he told me, by getting out clams from river. Without knowing the whole procedure, I told him that there was any problem since I knew how to deal with waters situations. The first time I did it (for 3 days), I felt as not coming back. It was a disaster” However he came back, although they didn’t know how to get profits from this activity at the beginning, through th e years it became a support for 20 families in Palermo. “We all moved there and I even became an entrepreneur thanks to the Clam”

“For many years we were clam’s fishers, but now we have decided to become ecotourism pioneers on the Magdalena river.” This idea came out as a result for looking life quality for families that intend to show through tours, nature diversity that can be appreciated in this region and clams fishing activity history that long time ago makes part of their life. A talent they were born with and remains tattooed on their skin.

The river is in on their veins.

Now, they are an amphibian culture that protect and live for its conservation. They have changed a harmful activity, knowing the importance of protecting nature resources.

Their offer is based on three principle tours, that were designed in team work with Colombian Nationals Nature parks and families benefited from this project: Island 72 tour, The clam tour and Pensilvanian’s Island tour.

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