The Gran Malecón is a space that daily receives thousands of people seeking to have a unique experience facing the Magdalena river. Through the incomes generated by parking service, events and branding activations, we achieve this space to be self – sustainable, always offe ring to visitors facilities in excellent maintenance, with guides and surveillance.

Space Administration

The Gran Malecon is a public space administrated by Puerta de Oro, Empresa de Desarrollo Caribe SAS as an important component by managing assets. B ased on it experience and commitment, Puerta de Oro is in charge of operative and exploitation activities to have a Self – Sustainable space, as well as activations and continuous maintenance.

For performing arts and sports events led by independent groups, collectives and foundations

After the secretariat of the mayor of Bar ranquilla authorization, you may use a space in the Gran Malecon for an event, always following the Gran Malecon team and technic area recommendations. This event should be under requirements stablished by the city for events in public spaces. The request should be submitted 15 days prior the event. *Stage, sound and tent are available for rent *If the proposal is referred directly to Puerta de Oro we can assume that an authorization from secretariat of the mayor of Barranquilla is not required , then it would be handle internally having an event space fee.

For events with brand presences, sponsorship or brand activities in the Gran Malecon

To take in mind

  • The response is going to take 3 to 5 business days.
  • The event or activation to vary according on the space availability, changes for city events and approval by the Gran Malecon.
  • The event and activation review would be based on the information provided and it cannot be modified unless Gran Malecon team recommend it to.
  • The fee proposal would be sent with documents and permissions list required; everything should be managed under the same business name.