Eat and


Get ready to enjoy a variety of food and beverages with the whole family at any time and what’s even more special… by the river!

Every business uses eco friendly packaging material to preserve our sourroundings.

Remember to use the PLANECON of Barranquillla Verde for your plastic bottles.


Along Gran Malecon you will find welcoming and friendly enviornments with many options of food casual eateries and beverages.

Each food container and food cart have an interesting background story of local entrepreneurs, carismatic people, traditional food brands of the city and quality products as a result from a sustainble circular economy.

Caimán del Río

A unique space in its format, offering the city the first ga stronomic market facing the Magdalena River with an open kitchen experience under one same fun experience.

Manglares del Río


Manglares del Río (river mangroves) is an ou tdoor food experience that offers Colombian and Caribbean and international options made up by eight different brands.

In the middle of the Gran Malecon and its constant dynamics of moving and circulating around, this space appears as a moment of cool pa use under shade. Visitors will find a tangible memory through crafted food and unique products that inspire from the surrounding nature and culture just like the mangrove eco system.

Eco Value

Each food brand represents a mangrove forming together one eco system absorbing nutrients and creating one perfect life cycle of biodiversity: its and art and gift from the river nature

Art and culture come together to intertwine and build a community of solidary economy.

Man glares del Río hosts a variety of talk s on biodiversity, eco businesses, workshops, performances and more. Follow us on social media @granmaleconbaq to find out more.

Our Mangroves

  • Iefun: Bread and coffe
  • Palenque: Colombian food
  • Don Yuca: Yucca based products
  • Mareta: Fish/shrimp ceviche and cocktails
  • Picnic al Rio: Fast food
  • Del Barrio: Juices
  • La Casa del Argentino: Argentine casual food