Videos and photos

Every recording, production and photo study that take place at the Gran Malecon requires a previous permission and request.

The permission is required for photography and videos in every open space, Puerta de Oro sector, Gastronomic sector (not Caiman del Río), the sport  recreative sector, 72nd street and 78th street entrance. (Permission on areas as public Street and river avenue should be requested directly to Barranquilla´s mayoralty)

According to Decree 0732 of 2020 of the Mayor of Barranquilla, the mask is OBLIGATORY for EVERYONE. Specially on the public transportation system and in areas where there is a massive fluence of people (Market plazas, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies) as well as open public spaces.

To take photography and videos is necessary to fill out a letter of commitment. Through this commitment letter we want to give priority on privacy rights and user security. Each photo and video in the Gran Malecón for publication and divulgation purposes must follow the space values ​​and integrity in compliance with the code of conduct of the National Tourism Registry. RNT. 46722.Permissions required

Audiovisual and photography production projects should be requested previously to email taking in account the following requirments:

Recording or photo studio for editorial or commercial purposes

  • Activity duration
  • Number of team members
  • Quantity of production equipment
  • Space required

*Photo studies for marriage or fifteen years celebration also require prior permission.


  • Schedule and possible assemblies must be previously approved by the administration.
  • Logistics and assembly personnel must present their RLA.
  • If necessary, comply with the necessary permits generated by the activity to be developed.
  • The space requested must stay in perfect condition and free of waste.
  • It is strictly forbidden to intervene in the floor, use trees and planters.
  • Refreshments and gastronomic services are conditioned as exclusivity for commercial points of the Gran Malecon and the Cayman del Rio gastronomic market. It is not allowed to have snacks, hydration by third parties.
  • For the Cayman del Rio a separate application is required to under approval and possible value for use of space.


  • Email to describing activity with contact number, date, space, time, type of content and required equipment.
  • According to your request you will receive a response or you will be contacted in the next 7 days.

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